November 2011

Lolita Angels

25. november 2011 at 1:52

Related article: Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 20:57:59 -0800 From: Bobby Jakobs Subject: After School 2 "Hey Bobby, wanna come play some ball with us after school?" "No thanks Curtis, I got gym next hour then I have detention for Mr. Williams." "What do you have detention with that asshole for?" "Cussing in class." "That's bullshit man." "Tell me about it. Take it easy Curtis," Bobby gave a small wave and a nod and hurried off down the hall toward his gym class. He stepped into the locker room just as the bell rang. Bobby walked quickly to his gym locker, tossed his books in, pulled his gym clothes out, and quickly changed before walking across the hall to the gym.********** An hour and a half later Bobby, his hair matted to his head, and drenched in sweat, dropped onto the bench in the deserted locker room in front of his locker, and began removing his gym clothes. Everyone else had gone home 10 minutes ago, but the P.E. teacher, Mr. Fisher had wanted to talk to him about going out for track. Bobby was one of the best runners in the school, but he hadn't gone out for track this year because he just had too many other things on his mind. Bobby grabbed a towel and headed for the showers. With everybody gone he would be able to get a nice relaxing shower before he went in to see Mr. Williams. Bobby dropped his towel in the cart next to the showers and stepped in, turning on one of the heads and standing under it, letting the water wash down his body. He was in no rush, so he simply stood under the water for a long time before he reached for the soap to wash. Just as Bobby was rubbing the bar of soap between his hands to lather it up, he was suddenly roughly pushed up against the wall, and someone pushed what felt like a well-muscled bare chest against his back, pinning him to the wall. "Dave said you would enjoy this," the person hissed in his ear, and suddenly he felt the pressure of something hard pressing against his asshole. All of a sudden, Bobby felt a huge invader pushing into his asshole. He gasped and jerked as his asshole stretched to accomidate the shaft as it slowly pushed deeper and deeper into his anus. He tried to turn his head enough to see who this man was slowly stretching Bobby's anus wider than he had ever felt before, but the man was far to strong, and Bobby was helplessly pinned against the tiled wall of the shower. Meanwhile, the massive cock continued it's relentless movement into his ass. Finally, he felt the man's hips pressed against his ass, and he knew the entire massive tube was buried inside him. The giant dick began to pull back, faster than it had gone in, and soon it was forcefully pumping in and out of his ass. Bobby groaned as his bowels were packed by the probing cock. He was helplessly pinned against the wall, his feet spread, arms splayed, torso pushed against the tile. All Bobby could move was his head, and that rocked back and forward with groans as he felt the powerful man sodomizing him. The hard rod in his ass sped up, and soon it was slamming in and out of his ass, with relentless speed and force. He tried to push his ass backwards to receive the pounding cock, but he was held tight, and all he could do was let his head fall back and scream with pleasure as his ass was brutally pounded. The man behind him was grunting and panting as he worked Bobby's immobile ass, and Bobby could tell the man was nearing climax. Bobby began to beg pathetically just like he knew guys liked. "Mmmmm yeah! Fuck my little shitter!" He moaned. "Fuck my little ass with that huge fuckin rod! Make me hurt, yeah, yeah cum up my ass!!" His face was pressed hard against the tile wall as he continued to beg in a pitiful voice for a hot load up his ass. Bobby could feel the reactions of the man behind him, he could hear his grunts growing louder and more urgent, and he felt the plunging cock speed up, Lolita Angels packing its huge length up his ass. "Yeah, unload those balls in my little boy ass, pump me up full of that hot jiz!" The Lolita Angels man fucking him shouted, and Bobby's begging was rewarded. "OOOOOHHHHHH yes!" he cooed as the sticky globs were shot into his bowels. He could feel the stranger's hips pressed against his ass, and spasming as the man filled Bobby's ass with hot cream. At last the stiff invader pulled out of Bobby's ass, and he was thrown roughly to the tile floor. Bobby rolled onto his back to see his assailant/lover. His eyes opened wide when he saw it was Mr. Fisher, the P.E. teacher who had held him after class to talk about joining the track team. "Mr. Williams told me you had detention for him today, now you are really late, get dressed and I will take you down there," he said gruffly.******** "You're late for your detention Bobby," Mr. Williams said sternly. "I caught him dawdling in the locker room," Mr. Fisher added. "Perhaps we should teach him a lesson about punctuality, and obeying one's superiors. Eh Mike?" "Sounds like a great idea Dave," the huge P.E. teacher said. The two men marched Bobby into Mr. Williams' office, where Bobby eagerly awaited his punishment. To be continued...
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